Good Bye to Great Things

For over 9 years, I ran Ottawa Autism Connection as a way to keep up with my skills as a technical professional and serve my community.

Frequent visitors will note that the Facebook page was removed in January. Since returning to work full time, I’ve found less time to keep up with the site and my role here.

On a positive note, I think Ottawa Autism Connection accomplished the goal I originally had in mind. Back in 2008, there was very little available on the Internet to support the Ottawa Autism community. Many websites for services were sparse, and the hard-working people behind them were self-described as “computer illiterate”. I saw a need that people in my generation, and younger, would not be able to find these resources. As the years went by, other resources came online. I feel confident a torch has been passed.

Running this site has had it’s ups and downs. The best moment was a mother who met me at an event and suddenly hugged me: this site had been a lifeline to services when her child was diagnosed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have made her family’s journey a bit easier.

I’ll leave you with a final thought: be awesome to each other.

Lots of love, and kind regards,


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