Support Groups: List Request – UPDATE including update on Autism Ontario’s Ottawa Chapter

Autism Ontario Ottawa Chapter has formed a new CLC and there was an email announcement recently that the chapter will be re-launching support groups again.

From Heather Fawcett’s mailer:

Hi all,

For those of you looking for the resurrection of any of the support groups, e.g., Asperger Syndrome Parent Support Group, Parents of Adults with AS, or the creation of new ones, consider lending your support by attending one of the Chapter meetings in the bulletin below. Also, there are lots of opportunities if you are interested in helping fundraise for the Chapter.

There are only a couple more weeks to register your teen or young adult between the ages of 18 and 28 for the 12-week diploma course “Transition to Life” run by Integrated Consulting out of Algonquin College  starting in April.  See the last item and for more information click on the link:

Asperger Syndrome News

From the Chapter Newsletter:

Happy New Year to Members and Friends of Autism Ontario – Ottawa Chapter

As we begin this New Year, let 2015 be the year of revitalisation [sic] of the Ottawa Chapter. We are currently at a pivotal point with the Chapter where there is abundance of needs and wants here in Ottawa and resources are limited and then deciding where we should focus our energy. Some of the things that are coming up on the CLC agenda in the New Year to keep you informed:

January 17th – CLC is having a strategic planning meeting to create a plan for the upcoming year.
January 13th – Creating a support group for adults who have ASD. Anyone who is interested email Meeting at the Citizen Advocacy building 7pm -9pm.
January 15th – Create a fundraising group to build up our funds to support the support groups and future projects. Anyone who is interested email Time 7pm -9pm, at Portia Learning Centre – 50 Steacie Dr. Kanata ON K2K 2A9
January 21st – Creating a support group committee to fill in the gaps that are not being met. Anyone who is interested in being part of email Meeting at the Citizen Advocacy building 7pm -9pm.
February – Family support groups will be starting thanks to our Family Support Coordinator Marnie Potter Details still to come.
April – Fundraiser: Ford Drive for your community event. Date and time to be decided.
May – Fundraiser with the Lions Club of Baarhaven [sic]. More details are to come.
May – Annual General Meeting. If you want to be involved on the Leadership Council, start thinking now.

This is just the beginning. Let it be our mission for 2015 to restart the process to ensure that each individual with ASD is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society. If you have questions, or suggestions and or you want to help in any way email me at

I look forward in working with you in making the Ottawa Chapter an effective organisation [sic] in the Ottawa region. Thanks for your support and a have safe and wonderful year.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Wilson
[Chapter] President, Autism Ontario – Ottawa Chapter


Ottawa Autism Connection wishes the new Autism Ontario CLC best of luck re-launching the brand.Thanks also to Marnie for taking all of this on. It is not an easy task, but I hope the chapter will re-emerge like a phoenix once again!