Support Groups: List Request

Hey folks, I have had the question if I have a list of support groups. I used to, it was removed because it was out-of-date, several groups asked not to be published publicly, and the demise of both Renfrew and Ottawa chapters of Autism Ontario added to the confusion. For a list as of January this year, check out Debbie’s list on the Yahoo! Support Group list under FILES. Link follows, you may need to join the group to see the document “Compiled Directory”.

In the meantime, if you wish to add your support group (i.e. you are a facilitator) please leave a comment or write on our Facebook page!

Website Revamp… Again

Hi Folks,

I hit the big red button on the previous blog.  You’ll notice that the older site, is still live — this is because I use it as a portfolio.  Apologies if this causes confusion  I will be keeping it there, but remaining updates will be here and on the Facebook page.  I’m hoping to compile a list of online support groups for our area soon. I’ll also update the in-person support groups list soon.  There’s been some changes.

I was actually thinking of ending our run, but the page has had dozens of new “likes” in recent weeks, so obviously the need is still there!